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Hi i'm Joel, I'm the creator of Google.com






creeps lurkin

Victor’s message to Gymboree high-res photo

Victor’s message to Gymboree


last sunday my phone was stolen at outside lands and i don’t have enough $$$ to replace it, which really sucks because i’m often traveling between oakland and san francisco alone so for 60-90 minutes at a time no one can know where i am and i can’t contact whoever i’m meeting up with, which isn’t fun for either party to be worrying about!

so this week i’m doing little digital portrait commissions for just $5 (per person)in hopes of raising enough money for a new phone! email a photo or two to nataliierose@gmail.com to get started if you want one, then payment/donations can go thru paypal at the same email.

i did some lil practice ones of some of my fav internet girls/artists boogerbrie and 3babe!!

thank you in advance guys!!!!

help her

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aaples said: baby your so coll

let them live high-res photo

let them live

when someone adds me on facebook and our only mutual friend is Bill Hitchert

*activates wolf whistle*

Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington

fred-doge said: Is 'business' a word that's Right With Jesus God Father Our Mighty or should I go over to saying 'beeswax' instead?

dont say either dont ever say anything

drshitdick said: Have you become more depressed over the last couple years

can’t say that i have drshitdick


thecoldestginger said: :D Here's a smile to brighten your day!!!

Let him design your logo

Put girls naked in bed high-res photo

Put girls naked in bed

the proper and just punishment for a terrible crime high-res photo

the proper and just punishment for a terrible crime

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