"don't ever cuss" - The Bibel Chapter 7


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creeps lurkin

love this show high-res photo

love this show

when someone cusses and uses swear words on my dash

"i hear its hot in HELL this time of year lol … "

colonelfuckstick said: Lay down some scat jazz, please. I need it for a sociology project.


Straight-Edge Punk Fitness Leaders

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DrakesKeeper takes offense high-res photo

DrakesKeeper takes offense

What Penny found for Gail high-res photo

What Penny found for Gail

dyanacross said: i will always love u forever amen

so will Jesus

White man with dreads
White man with dreads
where will you run
when your Jah has forsaken you
run to Gary’s house
to get more collie weed
from my poetry collection “Living in a Babylon” (via blameaspartame)
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drewcifercdxx said: Do you smoke weed every day?

Facebook is cracking the whip on fake names but lets this stuff go on unabated lol high-res photo

Facebook is cracking the whip on fake names but lets this stuff go on unabated lol

Beef Taste-Test

Beef Taste-Test

lol no




but here’s the big question, why was Dr Evil laughing? he’d been cryogenically frozen since 1967. I guess sometimes even the most powerful of us, just want to fit in

ummm well here’s a lucky charms commercial from the 1960s


dont ever question the 100% historical accuracy and verisimilitude of Austin Powers

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sydney-leathers said: Joel are you a cat person or a dog person

i’m a GOD person

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