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creeps lurkin

oh shit look at my high school yearbook photos

  1. llllll-llllll-llllll-llllll said: aw yeah puka shell
  2. moyenorient said: i would have let u take my v card on prom night
  3. justinparra said: Puka shell necklace!
  4. poopcop said: lookin good there joel did you listen to lots of sMASH Mouth (cool 90s band)
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  6. unbear said: such a nice boy
  7. andredaniel said: whitebread
  8. cracked-dot-com-official said: exactly as cool for school
  9. mystical-obelisks-and-monoliths said: lol @ “cummins”
  10. surf-movie said: handsome perfect man
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  12. martymcflybacktothefuture said: beautiful
  13. andoutcamethewolf said: such a beaut
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